Former employees and PhD students of CCPS, rtm and rtp are listed here.

Alumni Control and Cyber-Physical Systems

Photo Name Working area(s) Contact
Dr.-Ing. Petar Andonov
Guaranteed set-based control, Set-based system identification, Decision under uncertainties, Control of hybrid dynamical systems, Quantitative and qualitative control requirements, Analysis and modelling of systems with discontinuities, Fault tolerant control
Dipl.-Ing. Tobias Bäthge
Deep Health, Wind turbine control in the frame of the eco4wind project, Diesel engine control, for the reduction of emissions, with an industry partner (IAV GmbH), Real-time, optimization-based Path Following Control for an Unmanned Helicopter (DLR Braunschweig)
Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Bedürftig
Dynamic modeling of Li-ion cells: impedance measurement; battery aging, battery management systems; fleet data analysis.
Christoph Böhm
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Steffen Borchers-Tigasson
Automation and intelligent systems, artificial intelligence, optimization, control, and modeling
Dr.-Ing. Lisa Carius
Model-based, autonomous strategies for variable and uncertain biotechnological production processes (MAPO), Control strategies for identification and control of critical or instable states of biological systems, Combining dynamic and stoichiometric modeling methods for the development of new model predictive control concepts
Bahaaeldin Elsayed M.Sc.
Model Predictive Control, Cooperative Control System, Autonomous Systems , Path Planning and Following
Dr.-Ing. Sebastián Espinel Ríos
Application of model-based optimal and predictive control to enable metabolic cybergenetic systems. Key methods and approaches: model predictive control, moving horizon estimation, dynamic enzyme-cost flux balance analysis, optogenetics
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Timm Faulwasser
Energy Efficiency; Optimal Control; Robotics, Control, and Intelligent Systems; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Hannes Gruschinski M.Sc. (ME)
Dr. Emily Hammes
Daniel Hast
Dr.-Ing. Andreas Himmel
Optimization-based, nonlinear and hierarchical control; Gaussian processes and learning-based approaches in control; Application in process system engineering and battery management systems
Dr.-Ing. Janine Himmel (geb. Matschek)
Path Following with Model Predictive Control, Gaussian Processes and learning-based Model Predictive Control, Force Control and Robotics in Medical Applications
Dr.-Ing. Katharina Holstein
Dipl.-Ing. Heinrich Huber
Translational Systems Biology from Model via Biochemistry to Clinical research , Automated microscopy imaging and image analysis, Tumor growth modelling, Studying drug efficay via PK/PD and QSAR models
Dr.-Ing. Mohamed Ibrahim
Model Predictive Control, Flight Control System, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Path Planning and Following, Aircraft Instruments, Aerodynamics and Mechanics of Flight
Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Ihlow
Verification of controls in complex production systems, Application of evolution strategies for flexible-job-shop scheduling problems
Dr.-Ing. Banafsheh Jabarivelisdeh
Cheng Jiang M.Sc.
Cyber Security of Cyber-Physical Power Systems
Dr.-Ing. Christian Kallies
Monotonicity of dynamical systems , Especially monotonicity of Chemical Reaction Networks , Explicit optimal control under Uncertainties (Al'brekht`s Method), Explicit parametric optimal output feedback
Dr.-Ing. Khalid J. Kazim Al-Chaabawi
Model Predictive Control for Mechatronics Systems, Optimization-based Force Cotrol, Predictive Path-following Control
Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Kern
My research is focused on set-based and optimization based control-methods. In particular, I am interested in dezentralized control methods for physically interconnected systems.
Prof. Masako Kishida
Mathematical Informatics
Michael Kopf M.Sc.
Prof. Dr.-Ing Sergio Lucia
Process Automation Systems
Dr.-Ing. Michael Maiworm
Control of Scanning Quantum Dot Microscopy (in collaboration with the Jülich Research Center), Controlled molecule manipulation with AFM (in collaboration with the Jülich Research Center), (Robust) Model Predictive Control, Gaussian-process based modelling and Model Predictive Control
Solvey Maldonado M.Sc.-Eng.
Fabian Marquardt
Dr.-Ing. Amer Mesanovic
Dr.-Ing. Bruno Morabito
Model predictive control, Machine learning and state estimation with applications on bioreactors and trajectory drilling
Dr. Navid Noroozi
Complex networks, Distributed (cooperative) optimization-based control, Cyber-physical systems, Embedded control systems, Nonlinear systems
Patrick Pascheka
Prof. Saša V. Raković
Matthias Rausch
Christine Rinke/Schalau
Dr.-Ing. Nadine Rudolph/Strobel
Modeling and analysis of complex signaling networks, e.g. misbalanced signaling by JAK2-V617F and Interleukin-6 classic- and trans-signaling; Development of set-based methods for model invalidation, parameter estimation and experimental design; Machine learning, data science/analytics, systems medicine in the course of the project DeepHealth (EU - HORIZONT 2020)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Philipp Rumschinski
Process Measurement and Control Technology
Dr.-Ing. Regina Samaga
Dr. rer. nat. Monica Schliemann-Bullinger
Misbalanced signaling by JAK2-V617F, Interleukin-6 classic- and trans-signaling, Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF)-induced apoptosis
Mohamed Soliman M.Sc.
Model Predictive Control, Flight Control Systems, Unmanned Vehicles, Path Planning and Following, Aerodynamics and Mechanics of Flight
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Stefan Streif
Automatic control and system dynamics
Dr.-Ing. Paolo Varutti
Nonlinear Model Predictive Control and Optimization , Robotics and Soft-Computing
Dr. rer. nat. habil. Friedrich von Haeseler
Finite Automata, Automatic Sequences, Dynamical Systems,
Prof. Juan Pablo Zometa
Robotics and Mechatronics

Alumni of Control Systems and Mechatronics

Photo Name Working area(s)
Dr.-Ing. M.S. Ulrich Ahrholdt
Automated State-Space Feedback Control Design of a Model Tracking Control at the Example of a Machine Tool
Dr.-Ing. Marcus Appel
Control of event-discrete multi-agent systems using the example of flexible production networks
David Augustin M.Sc.
Situation analysis and behavior planning for highly automated driving on motorways
Dr.-Ing. Stefan Barthelmes
Chassis control of mobile robots
Dipl.-Ing. Eric Bauer
Action and trajectory planning and control for collision avoidance systems and autonomous driving
Dr.-Ing. Marcel Bonnert
System identification for dynamic systems
Dipl.-Ing. Christopher Eck
Model-Based Fault Diagnosis for Common Rail Diesel Engines with High and Low Pressure Exhaust Gas Recirculation
Dr.-Ing. Volker Ewald
Controller design for descriptor systems, Control methods for steer-by-wire systems
Dr.-Ing. Julian Fuchs
Optimized Control of Volume Flows in Process Engineering plants
Dr.-Ing. Kuangye Gong
Decentralized control of a Microgrid with predominantly renewable energy
Dr.-Ing. Zhongyi Gong
Modeling and controller design of mechatronic systems using differential parameterizations, Modeling, analysis and controller design of a self-driving, highly dynamic driving simulator, Automatic code generation for embedded systems
Dr.-Ing. Markus Grün
Control-related aspects of active knee orthoses to support mobility for older people
Dr.-Ing. Ingmar Gundlach
Time-optimal trajectory planning for automated driving in the dynamic limit range
Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Hammer
Electric power systems
Dr.-Ing. Tim Hansen
Trajectory planning for automated lane changes, GPS Aided Inertial Navigation Systems, Control of Quadrotors
Dr.-Ing. Jonathan Hermann
Multi-agent systems
Dr.-Ing. Jens Hoedt
Control of x-by-wire vehicles in several drive topologies
Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Horn
Assistive Robotics, Research Team on Adaptive Knee Orthoses
Dr.-Ing. Alexander Hoßfeld
Sensorless determination of the angle of rotation of DC machines
Dr.-Ing. Oliver Janda
Modeling and Control of Sound and Vibration for Smart Structures
Dr.-Ing. Christian Kipscholl
Cyclical control of one- and multi-axis systems
Dr.-Ing. Viktor Kisner
Model predictive control, Control of electric drives
Dr.-Ing. Silke Klose
Systems Theoretical Analysis and Design of the Modal Eigendynamics of Flexible Beams with Variable Cross Area Distribution Based on the Local Eigenvalue Problem
Dr.-Ing. Stefan Kopf
Position Control of Mechatronic Actuators Using the Example of a Gasoline Engine Throttle Flap
Dr.-Ing. Nicolai Kubasiak
Modeling and parameter identification of mechanical structures, Active vibration reduction in multi-body systems
Dr.-Ing. Daniel Labisch
Control of linear and nonlinear descriptor systems, Design of coupling controllers
Dr.-Ing. Alejandro López Pamplona
Design of Coupling Controls through Dynamic Output Feedback
Dr.-Ing. Maximilian Manderla
A Methodology for Control and Observer Design for Multivariable Descriptor Systems
Dr.-Ing. Marco Münchhof
Model-Based Fault Detection for a Hydraulic Servo Axis
Dr.-Ing. Thimo Oehlschlägel
Application-oriented robust control of a class of infinite-dimensional systems using the example of a trimorphic bending transducer
Dr.-Ing. Thanh Phan Huu
Optimal and Distributed Motion Planning for Multiple Robot Systems
Dr.-Ing. Bastian Ritter
Nonlinear state and parameter estimation for wind turbine control systems as well as control-oriented, semi-physical modeling and Kalman filter design
Dipl.-Ing. Timo SchaalIdentification and diagnosis of hydrostatic power split transmissions
Jonas Schiller M.Sc.
Trajectory planning for automated driving
Dr.-Ing. Jan Schlake
Modeling, System Analysis and Controller Design for Systems with Distributed Parameters Based on Numerical Approximation Models
Dr.-Ing. Jeremias Schucker
Trajectory planning and vehicle guidance for highly automated driving on the motorway
Arash Shahbakhsh M.Sc.Decentralized control of electrical energy networks
Dr.-Ing. Matthias Singer
Development and adaptation of methods for the synthesis of control for radio-based dynamic systems
Dr.-Ing. Radoy Stanchev
Modelling, Analysis and Controller Design of Three-Way Automotive Catalysts
Dr.-Ing. Lukas Stein
Modeling, system analysis and control of locally distributed systems
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Stein
Simulation and design of robust controls for wireless field devices in industry
Dr.-Ing. Jan Strubel
Modelling, Analysis and Design of heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems
Dr.-Ing. Baihua Sun
A method for automatic optimization of valve hook-ups regarding the control quality and dynamic requirements
Dr.-Ing. Patrick Vogt
Robust Control of ABS with variant Sensor and Actuator Configurations
Dr.-Ing. Thorsten Voigt
Design of state estimators for multi-rate scanning systems for the position control of a robot arm
Dr.-Ing. Svenja Wortmann
Wind turbine control
Dr.-Ing. Julian Zeiss
Active transtibial prostheses

Alumni of Control Systems and Process Automation

Photo Name Working area(s)
Dr.-Ing. Carlo Ackermann
A new approach to control the lateral dynamics of vehicles
Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Alfes
Model- and signal-based fault diagnosis of an automated commercial vehicle transmission for off-board and on-board use
Dr.-Ing. Joachim Bähr
Model-Based Supervision Methods for Two Rotational Systems
Dr.-Ing. Markus Bauer
Methods for model-based vehicle dynamics analysis and evaluation of vehicle dynamics control systems
Dr.-Ing. Jakob Bechtloff
Estimation of the sideslip angle and driving dynamics parameters to improve model-based driving dynamics controls
Dipl.-Ing. Mark Beck
Fault-Tolerance Strategies for Mechatronic Systems
Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Clever
Model-Based Fault Detection and Diagnosis of Diesel Engines
Dr.-Ing. Michael Hinrichs
Development of a model-based fuel and fault detection algorithm for a diesel engine
Dr.-Ing. Philipp Keßler
Fault tolerance strategies for duplex actuators, Development of a failure management system for reconfiguration of a duplex actuator system, Modelbased fault detection and diagnosis, Design of reconfigurable controls and coupling controls for duplex actuator systems
Dr.-Ing. Ali Khanafer
Collision Avoidance / Collision Mitigation
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Kohlhase
Cylinder Pressure-Based Engine Management of Gasoline and Diesel Engines Reducing Consumption and Emissions
Dipl.-Ing. Hinrich Kötter
Innovative Combustion Engine Measurements
Dr.-Ing. Marek Kowalczyk
Optimized, Fast Engine Measurement with Online Methods for the Determination of Static and Dynamic Models
Dr.-Ing. Florian Kunkel
Optimal operation of diesel hybrid drives
Dipl.-Ing. Michael Leykauf
Model-Based Fault Diagnosis for Direct Injection Gasoline Engines
Dipl.-Ing. Roman Mannale
PRORETA 2 - Strategy Development for Driver Assistence System Testing and Realisation of Different Accident Avoiding Systems (Driver Warnings, Automatic Vehicle Dynamics Intervention)
Dr.-Ing. Matthias Mrosek
Model-Based Multivariable Control of the Air System of Turbocharged Diesel Engines with High and Low Pressure Exhaust Gas Recirculation
Dr.-Ing. Marco Münchhof
Model-Based Fault Detection for a Hydraulic Servo Axis
Dr.-Ing. Michael Pagel
Model-based diagnosis of electric cooling fan drive system
Dr.-Ing. Patrick Sauer
Development of a model-based diagnostic system for the fuel system of a diesel engine
Dr.-Ing. Sascha Schäfer
Minimal Sensor Diagnosis for a Fuel Cell System
Dr.-Ing. Ken Schmitt
PRORETA 2 - Situation Modeling and Interpretation, Hazard Risk Evaluation and Observing/Estimation of Vehicle Dynamic State Variables
Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Schreiber
Dynamic Measurement and Modling of Combustion Engines
Dr.-Ing. Heiko Sequenz
Optimisation of the Open and Closed Loop Control of a Common-Rail Diesel Engine
Dr.-Ing. Andreas Sidorow
Model-based fault diagnosis of the air and turbocharger system of diesel engines
Dr.-Ing. Nicolas Soler
Model-based Thickness and Tension Control in Multi-Stand Cold Rolling Mills
Dr.-Ing. Michael Vogt
Support Vector Machines for Identification and Classification Problems in Control Engineering
Dr.-Ing. Karl von Pfeil
Charging pressure and air mass control of turbo-charged diesel engines with local linear models and optimization of the dynamic exhaust emissions during the smoke limitation
Dr.-Ing. Alexander Weber
Model-based Control of Diesel Engines, Semi-physical Real-time Modeling with Online Parameter Estimation
Dr.-Ing. Daniel Wesemeier
Identification of Vehicle Dynamics Parameters, Observation of Non-Measurable Vehicle Dynamics State Variables, Indirect Tire Pressure Supervision
Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Wieskotten
Model-Based Impedance Measuring Assistance System for Diagnosis and Therapy of Malnutrition
Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Zahn
Dynamic Modeling and HiL-Simulation of Combustion Engines
Dr.-Ing. Ralf Zimmerschied
Identification of Nonlinear Processes with Dynamic Local Linear Affine Models
Dr.-Ing. Simon Zydek
Optimal control of the diesel engine to minimize real driving emissions and consumption