Project Courses

Project Courses in the area of control are conducted in project groups and supervised by the scientific staff of the institute. The project topics cover the areas of modelling, identification and simulation applied to the design of open-loop and closed-loop controls.

If you are interested in one of the advertised topics, please contact the supervisor directly. Please also note the information on the event pages of the project seminars Regelungstechnik und Praktische Anwendungen der Mechatronik.

Project Course Control Systems and Project Course Practical Applications of Mechatronics

# Topic Group Size Language Supervisor
1 Recurrent Neural Networks for State Estimation of a Wind Turbine (opens in new tab) 2-3 EN, (DE) Felix Häusser, M.Sc., Dr.-Ing. Anton Savchenko
2 Neural Network based Solution of the Fokker Planck Equation (opens in new tab) 2-4 DE, EN Maik Pfefferkorn, M.Sc.
3 Model Identification and Control for Robotic Manipulators using Physics-Informed Neural Networks (opens in new tab) 2-4 DE, EN Philipp Holzmann, M.Sc.
Maik Pfefferkorn, M.Sc.
4 Gaussian Process based Model Predictive Control for a PEM Fuel Cell (opens in new tab) 2-4 DE, EN Alexander Rose, M.Sc.
5 Control of a Partial Differential Equation System Using Recurrent Neural Networks (opens in new tab) 2-4 EN Johannes Pohlodek, M.Sc., Rudolph Kok, M.Eng.
6 Modelling and Robust Control of an HVAC System (opens in new tab) 2-4 DE, EN Roland Shurig, M.Sc.
7 Stability Analysis and Controller Design via Integral Quadratic Constraints for Lur‘e Systems (opens in new tab) 2-4 EN Hoang Hai Nguyen, M.Sc.
8 Robust Reinforcement Learning (RL) / Adaptive Dynamic Programming (ADP) for Continuous Systems (opens in new tab) 2-4 EN Hoang Hai Nguyen, M.Sc.
9 Machine learning under constraints (opens in new tab) 2-4 DE, EN Dr.-Ing. Janine Matschek
10 Modellierung und Regelung eines über Speicher gekoppelten Prozesses (opens in new tab) 2-4 DE, EN Dr.-Ing. Andreas Himmel
11 Entwicklung eines Sollgrößengenerators auf Basis prototypischer Trajektorien für aktive Unterschenkelprothesen (opens in new tab) 2-4 DE, (EN) Florian Weigand, M.Sc.
12 Track Painter (opens in new tab) 2-3 DE, (EN) Jonas Schiller, M.Sc.
More topics may follow.