Project Course Control Theory

The official course language is German. However, most of the offered project seminars can also be worked on in English.

Students who attend this course should be aware that the news section and information about organisational issues are provided on the German version of this site only.

General information

Examiner Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rolf Findeisen
Organization Jonas Schiller M.Sc. und Dr.-Ing. Andreas Himmel
Rotation summer term
CP 8
Exam written report + presentation
TUCaN 18-ko-2090
Registration A registration in TUCaN is mandatory!

The aim of the project seminar is to apply the theoretical principles learned in the lectures in practical scenarios. This includes the creation of a system specification, the selection of suitable control methods and concepts and the implementation of these. In addition, the professional skills with aspects such as teamwork and presentation techniques, as well as the systematic research of information are developed and sharpened.

The assignments are worked on together in small groups of 2-4 students. The projects can include the following topics:

  • Model predictive control and machine learning
  • Modeling, analysis and design of multivariable control systems
  • Design of robust control systems
  • System analysis, monitoring and fault diagnosis
  • Modeling and identification

Exemplary applications can be found in the field of renewable energies, production engineering, the automotive industry and other exciting topics.

At the end of the project seminar, the group gives a 20 minute presentation. In addition, a written report has to be prepared.

Depending on the topic, the language of communication is either German or English.