Laboratory Matlab/Simulink I


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Please note that the course language is German.

Content of the Laboratory

An introduction to the Matlab/Simulink program package is given with a special focus on control systems applications. The practical course is divided into two parts.

In the first part, Matlab, basic topics in programming with Matlab are introduced and practiced using examples. This includes working with matrices, functions and differential equations.

In the second part, Control Systems, the knowledge acquired in Part I is applied to an example system through system analysis and controller design. The focus is on the theory of the System Dynamics and Control Systems I I lecture.



The practical course is offered in the winter and summer semesters.

It consists of six experiments and takes place on site. The completion and timely submission of the test protocols is mandatory. The processing time is one week and students work in groups of two.

It is possible to work on your own computer. TU Darmstadt provides a campus-wide license for this purpose. Installation instructions can be found on the HRZ website. Matlab version 2021b is recommended, Simulink and the Control System Toolbox are also required.

The script of the course will be uploaded to Moodle and is the basis for the processing of all experiments. Homework must be completed for the experiments before they are carried out.

Registration for the practical course:

  • Deadline for registration for the event in TUCaN is 29.04.2024. At the beginning your registration in TUCaN is pending. It will be accepted if you attend the introductory event.
  • The introductory event will take place on 29.04.2024 at 15:20 in S3|11-0012 and is mandatory. There you will receive further information about the practical course.
  • Deadline for registration and deregistration for the exam in TUCaN is 06.05.2024.

Carrying out the experiment

The test tasks are released in Moodle on Wednesdays at 07:00. The submission deadline is the following Wednesday at 18:10.

On Monday and Wednesday afternoons, consultation hours are offered in the PC pools of the FB18. Tutors are available there to help with the tasks. It is strongly recommended that you attend at least one of the two office hours as a group.

Important: The submission is mandatory. Missing or late submission will result in exclusion from the practical course and a fail grade. Both group members are responsible for the submission.

Final grade

  • There are two tests. The first test covers the content of the first three experiments, the second the content of experiments 4 to 6.
  • The final grade is calculated from both tests.
  • A bonus of up to 1.0 can be achieved by completing the tests.

3 CPs are awarded for successful participation in the practical course.

Time table summer semester 2024

Date Location
Introductory event
Mon, 29.04.
15:20 – 16:10
Experiment 1
Experiment 2
Experiment 3
1. Test (mandatory) Mon, 03.06.
15:20 – 16:10
Experiment 4
Experiment 5
Experiment 6
2. Test (mandatory) Mon, 01.07.
15:20 – 16:10