Philipp Schaub M.Sc.

Working area(s)

hybrid unmanned aerial vehicles


work +49 6151 16-25188

Work S3|10 510
Landgraf-Georg-Str. 4
64283 Darmstadt

Hybrid unmanned aerial vehicles combine the advantages of vertically landing helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. By construction, they have the ability to change the direction of their thrust vector. Hence, they can take off and land without the need of a space consuming runway, but are able to transition into an energy efficient forward-flight.

Especially the automation of this transition phase between hovering and forward-flight poses a challenging control problem since the highly non-linear system structure changes.

This research project addresses two main topics: On the one hand, we aim at establishing techniques for a redundancy analysis of over-actuated nonlinear systems. On the other hand, powerful control strategies for enabling the safe transition between hovering and forward-flight and vice-versa are developed.

Topic Type Status
Analysis of Controllability Properties Under Structurally Constrained State Controllers Master-Thesis completed
Installation and Control of a Parallel Kinematic Robot Project-Course completed
Automated In-Flight-Refueling of Passanger Aircrafts Project-Course completed
Coupling and Decoupling Control Using Optimal Control Master-Thesis completed
Development of a Control Strategy for a Convoy of Vehicles Bachelor-Thesis completed
Research and Analysis of various Robustness Criterions Proseminar completed
Influence of System Parameters on the Existence of Robust Coupling Controllers for Linear Multi-Variable Systems Bachelor-Thesis completed
Coupling Control Using H2- and H_infinty-Design Master-Thesis completed
Pole Assignment by State Feedback Subject to Linear Equality Constraints Master-Thesis completed
Comparison of Feedback-Linearization and the Decoupling Control Approach by Falb-Wolovich Proseminar completed
Modeling and Control of a Helicopter Project-Course completed
Modeling and Control of a Flight Control Surface Bachelor-Thesis completed
Modeling of Aerodynamic Properties of Airfoils Proseminar completed
Review of Certification Guidelines for Control Systems of Unmanned Aircrafts Proseminar completed
Conception and Implementation of a Simulation Framework for Hybrid UAVs Bachelor-Thesis completed
Conception of a Generic Design Platform for the Control Design for Hybrid UAVs Master-Thesis completed
Controller Design for Multivariable Systems Proseminar completed
Dynamic Optimization in Control Engineering Proseminar completed
Nonlinear Control of a Hybrid Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Master-Thesis completed
Manipulability- and Redundancy Analysis for Nonlinear Systems Master-Thesis completed
Control Design for Over-Actuated Systems Bachelor-Thesis completed
Model Predictive Control of Primary Control-Surfaces Bachelor-Thesis completed
Redundancy Analysis and Control Design for a Glucose Separation Process (opens in new tab) Project-Seminar completed
Reachability Analysis for Dynamic Systems Proseminar completed
Set-Based Redundancy Analysis and Fault-Tolerant Control for Dynamic Systems Bachelor-Thesis in progress
Feel free to contact me for further possible topics. Please include an up-to-date transcript of records.
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