Philipp Schaub M.Sc.

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robust coupling and decoupling control, control design for unmanned tilt-rotor aircrafts


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Robust Coupling and Decoupling Control

In order to ensure the robustness of control systems with respect to parameter changes of the plant, robust control synthesis methods are needed. The focus in this research project is put on coupling and decoupling controllers which are, e.g., designed using pole region assignment.

To achieve this, geometric methods are used to determine requirements for the controller regarding controlled invariance. A controlled-invariant subspace is used in this context to describe the subspace of all allowed state trajectories (see picture). The obtained constraints can be transferred to matrix equality conditions that serve as side constraints in the synthesis process.

Using the developed method, arbitrary structures of the closed-loop transfer matrix can be obtained. Thus, partial coupling and decoupling controllers can be realized.

Control Design for Unmanned Tilt-Rotor Aircrafts

Tilt-rotor aircrafts combine the advantages of vertically landing helicopters and fixed-wing aircrafts. They have the ability to change the direction of their thrust vector due to their construction. Hence, they can take off and land without the need of a space consuming runway, but are able to transition into an energy efficient forward-flight.

Especially the automation of this transition phase between hovering and forward-flight poses a challenging control problem since the highly non-linear system structure changes. This research project aims at developing powerful control strategies to enable the safe transition between hovering and forward-flight and vice-versa.

Permitted state trajectory for coupling the first and the second state.

Unmanned Tilt-Rotor Aircraft. Source:, March 26th 2021

Topic Type Status
Analysis of Controllability Properties Under Structurally Constrained State Controllers Master-Thesis completed
Installation and Control of a Parallel Kinematic Robot Project-Course completed
Automated In-Flight-Refueling of Passanger Aircrafts Project-Course completed
Coupling and Decoupling Control Using Optimal Control Master-Thesis completed
Development of a Control Strategy for a Convoy of Vehicles Bachelor-Thesis completed
Research and Analysis of various Robustness Criterions Proseminar completed
Influence of System Parameters on the Existence of Robust Coupling Controllers for Linear Multi-Variable Systems Bachelor-Thesis completed
Coupling Control Using H2- and H_infinty-Design Master-Thesis completed
Pole Assignment by State Feedback Subject to Linear Equality Constraints Master-Thesis completed
Comparison of Feedback-Linearization and the Decoupling Control Approach by Falb-Wolovich Proseminar completed
Modeling and Control of a Helicopter Project-Course completed
Modeling and Control of a Flight Control Surface Bachelor-Thesis completed
Modeling of Aerodynamic Properties of Airfoils Proseminar completed
Review of Certification Guidelines for Control Systems of Unmanned Aircrafts Proseminar completed
Conception and Implementation of a Simulation Framework for Hybrid UAVs Bachelor-Thesis completed
Conception of a Generic Design Platform for the Control Design for Hybrid UAVs Master-Thesis completed
Controller Design for Multivariable Systems Proseminar completed
Dynamic Optimization in Control Engineering Proseminar completed
Nonlinear Control of a Hybrid Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Master-Thesis in progress
Manipulability- and Redundancy Analysis for Nonlinear Systems Master-Thesis in progress
Control Design for Over-Actuated Systems Bachelor-Thesis in progress
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