August-Euler-Airfield – The test track in Griesheim near Darmstadt

The August-Euler-Airfield is located in a landscape conservation area and for the most part also in a nature reserve. In particular, the runway and landing strip may only be used for teaching and research purposes.

At the Department of Control and Cyber-Physical Systems, in addition to teaching, we are engaged in research on issues of modeling and control of complex dynamic systems and are thus a cooperation partner in all areas of modern control engineering. Within the scope of cooperation projects with Continental AG and Robert Bosch GmbH, we, respectively the research group Control Systems and Process Automation, have been using the August Euler airfield for numerous driving tests since 2002.

In the field of automated driving, the projects PRORETA 1 (emergency evasion), PRORETA 2 (overtaking assistant) and PRORETA 3 (highly automated driving) were carried out across universities in cooperation with Continental AG. Together with Robert Bosch AG, we investigated automated lane changes with surrounding vehicles. The runway served as a highway replica for this purpose.

In addition, the August Euler airfield is used for driving tests in connection with our research work in the field of vehicle dynamics control. For this purpose and for automated driving, the airfield is suitable due to the existing road markings, the intersections and mobile construction site walls, in order to be able to simulate realistic scenarios from interurban and urban driving.