CCPS Project Seminar Presentations

Friday, 17 March 2022, 14:00 h, location: Zoom Meeting


The following project seminar presentations will take place on the above mentioned date:

14:00 h: Semso Fejzic, Yves Nzepang Lowah
„Tuning of model predictive controller using Bayesian optimization“
Supervisor: Philipp Holzmann, M.Sc. and Maik Pfefferkorn, M.Sc.

15:00 h: Janis Blank, Florian Finkeldei, Julian Möckl
„Design and Implementation of a Rowing Machine Emulation for an Electrical Cable Pully Machine (MultiPull)“
Supervisor: Dr.-Ing. Eric Lenz

Guests via Zoom are very welcome:

Meeting-ID: 623 8028 5098
Kenncode: 264805