CCPS Project Seminar Presentations

Wednesday, 15 March 2022, 09:00 h and 13:00 h, location: Zoom Meeting


The following project seminar presentations will take place on the above mentioned date:

09:00 h: Zehua He, Peirong Wu, Handong Yao
„Developing a Modular Wind Turbine Framework with State Estimation in the HILO-MPC-Toolbox“
Supervisor: Felix Häusser, M.Sc. and Dr.-Ing. Anton Savchenko

10:00 h: Brian Avila Hernandez
„Iterative Closed Loop Control for Optical Particle Tracking“
Supervisor: Dr.-Ing. Eric Lenz

11:00 h: Junhao Huang, Hao Wen
„Power Kite Control using Reinforcement Learning“
Supervisor: Andreas Höhl, M.Sc. and Dr.-Ing. Anton Savchenko

13:00 h: Luis Jason Mcmillan, Anna Klyushina, Marc Ramos Friedmann, Shangheng Wu
„Stability Analysis of Closed-loop System with Neural Network controller by Sum of Squares Optimization“
Supervisor: Hoang Hai Nguyen, M.Sc.

14:00 h: Arjang Ahmadi, Liqiao Dong, Weiping Jia, Bingxin Lei
„Predictive Control of an Inverted Pendulum“
Supervisor: Alexander Rose, M.Sc. and Roland Schurig, M.Sc.

Guests via Zoom are very welcome:

Meeting-ID: 623 8028 5098
Kenncode: 264805