Patent Law - Patents: How to protect technical inventions


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Content of the lecture

The capability to innovate is a decisive key factor in today’s world of business and work and plays a significant role for our economic success. The protection of such technical innovations is therefore of increasing importance. Engineers have to deal with issues related to patent law on a regular basis such as the implementation and enforcement of industrial property rights or the law on employee invention. Within the scope of this lecture students will learn the basics of national and international patent law while focusing on problems that may occur in the professional everyday life of a patent attorney.

Within the scope of this lecture aspects of national and international patent law as well as aspects of the law on employee will be treated as follows:

  • German, European and international filing procedures and their legal prerequisites (formal and substantive patent law)
  • Enforcement of technical property rights
  • Infringement of technical property rights
  • Law on employee invention – rights and obligations of employees and employers

Language of instruction is German. Further information on organizational issues can be found on the German version of this page.