Controller Design for Multivariable Systems in State Space

Exam Information

From summer semester 2022 on, no further exams are offered. Parts of the content are moved to 'Robust Control'.

  1. characterization of multivariable systems
  2. state space representation of linear time-invariant systems
    • solution of the state equation
    • controllability and observability
    • analysis of the input-output behavior
  3. controller design by pole assignment using Complete Modal Synthesis (CMS)
  4. controller design by decoupling and coupling
    • decoupling control according to Falb-Wolovich and by CMS
    • coupling control using CMS
  5. controller design by optimization
    • linear quadratic optimal control
  6. state estimation with observers
  7. dynamic state feedback
    • general dynamic output feedback
    • PI-control for MIMO-systems
  8. controller design with structural constraints
  9. controller design considering reference models and disturbances
    • tracking and disturbance rejection
    • disturbance observers